ISIS on Brexit: "Rambo Cameron promised to finish us, ended up losing his job."

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New Delhi, June 25: Yesterday an encrypted messaging service, Telegram had erupted in joy following the announcement that Britain was leaving the European union. The message was from the ISIS which appeared overjoyed by the decision. There were several threads that had been created by the ISIS fan boys.

The most interesting of all the messages was directed at David Cameron. Addressing him as Rambo they said he promised to destroy us, but ended up losing his job.

How ISIS reacted on Brexit

In the messaging service, they celebrated the economic crisis caused by Brexit while urging their men to strike in Berlin and Brussels. The ISIS is known to have an opinion on almost everything. The ISIS feels that a weaker Britain meant they would no longer be able to continue their support of Arab nations fighting the ISIS.

What Brexit means to the ISIS?
While there would be some shake ups where intelligence sharing is concerned, Britain is not expected to be affected by this change. Intelligence will still be shared with European nations. Moreover Britan is part of Five Eyes Intelligence Sharing Community comprising the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Britain's intelligence network was the largest in Europe. Despite its exit from the EU, it will continue to be part of the Five Eyes community. (Read more:Will Brexit impact intelligence sharing with EU?)

Now coming to the ISIS, apart from the messages on Telegram hailing Brexit, there were three interesting threads created by its followers discussing this issue. One message read, " Muslims are uniting across the world, but Europe is splitting. With the help of God, victory is closer."

Another fan boy tweeted, " it is the rise of the ISIS which brought about the fall of Britain." Some others felt that Britain would be weaker and this would mean less support to Arab nations fighting the ISIS. However the most interesting of all the messages was directed at David Cameron. " Rambo Cameron promised to destroy us. He ended up losing his job."

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