ISIS Hyderabad: The thought is scarier than the explosives the operatives had

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New Delhi, July 1: The attack in Paris was big and while it did cause immense amount of damage, it sent across a very dangerous message to the world.

The message was the ISIS has gone global and an attack could take place anywhere and any time. Two days back, five persons from Hyderabad were arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) for being part of an alleged ISIS module.


There was an explosive called triacetone triperoxide found on these persons. The same explosive was found during the Paris and Belgium attacks. While many have drawn the similarities to the attacks in Paris or Belgium, the fact is that this is not the scary part.

The worrying part is that they had drawn inspiration from the attacks in Paris and felt the need to replicate it in India.

Fear the thought not the explosives:

The ISIS is like cancer which spreads at a very rapid pace. After taking a hit in Iraq and Syria it had become obvious that the outfit would go for a global outreach.

Attacks in Paris, Belgium and Orlando were all part of the global outreach programme and the terrorists had drawn inspiration from the propaganda material that the outfit put up online.

The initial approach by India towards the ISIS may have been a bit casual. However today every one in the agencies say that the problem is real. The Hyderabad module was attempting to replicate what had happened in Paris and this is an indication that the message from France had spread across the world.

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Now everyone inspired by the ISIS wants to carry out an attack and pledge their allegiance to the outfit. Now this is the frightening part since there is every chance that this could become a chain reaction.

The ISIS has been making attempts to stamp its authority in India too. A recent video calling for attacks in India. Messages on the social media telling Indian Muslims to replicate a Paris are all ways of instigating the youth.

What Indian agencies fear the most is that one small let up could lead to an attack. It may not be huge in nature, but it will be significant. One attack would act as an inspiration for others to replicate the same and that is where the real problem lies today.

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