8 out 10 ISIS aspirants not disgruntled with India- They are swayed by the Caliphate

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Bengaluru, May 31: The Intelligence Bureau which keeps a tab on the youth trying to join the ISIS has learnt that in 8 out of ten cases, the Muslim youth have not complained about atrocities in India.

They speak with a handler who keeps asking them if they feel neglected in India and the answer 8 out of 10 times has been "no."


If this is the case then what exactly is it that attracts these youth towards the ISIS? An Intelligence Bureau officer part of the process says that in all the conversations that he has recorded, the only thing that seems to be attracting these youth is the promise of establishing a Caliphate. This is the only thing that attracts them, the officer says.

The anger is not against India:

There was one particular conversation in which the handler is heard asking the youth if he felt neglected in India. The youth answers in the negative and also goes on to say that life is peaceful, there are no restrictions, no discrimination while applying for jobs etc.

To this the handler shoots back, " then why do you want to join the ISIS?" The youth replies, " the ISIS will establish a Caliphate. Moreover the ISIS is fighting against the West and we would love to join the battle and offer help." This is clearly an indication that the youth is not against India. He just feels that he should be part of an exercise that will help the ISIS establish the Caliphate and also fight against the West.

The officer says that this is one of the main reasons why the ISIS has not attained much success in India. Many do convey their desire to join the outfit, but chicken out at the end of it. In many cases, when they have attempted to leave the country, we have stopped them.

Few ISIS youth want to attack India

The officer says that this would not mean that all share the same feelings. There are a couple of youth from Jammu and Kashmir, Telangana, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh who have complained about the country. They even suggest to their handler that they would like to launch attacks in India.

Although such persons are in a minority at least in ISIS specific cases, they still pose a danger. These persons had plans of training in Syria and returning to India so that they could carry out attacks, the officer said. Most of these persons were part of the module that the NIA recently busted.

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