‘ISI ordered me to carry out train accidents in India’

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The Inter-Services Intelligence agent arrested in Nepal has confessed that it was a module run by him that was behind the train accidents in India. Shamshul Huda, who was arrested in Nepal on Tuesday told the police that the ISI has ordered him to carry out train accidents in India.

During his interrogation, Huda told the police that the derailment of the Indore-Patna Express near Kanpur was his doing. He explained in detail the modus operandi while stating that the derailment was caused by cutting the track with a gas cutter. One hundred and fifty people died in this accident.

‘ISI ordered me to carry out train accidents in India’

Huda said that he had got in touch with one Braj Kishore Giri to carry out the job. At first it was decided that they would hire youth who were part of the Indian Mujahideen. However that would have brought them under the radar. Instead they decided to hire three criminals for the job, Huda also said.

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Giri hired Uma Patel, Mukesh Yadav and Moti Paswan. Huda said that he had paid Giri Rs 8 lakh as advance and assured him that if the job was successful, the balance payment of Rs 3 crore would be made.

Huda further states that Paswan had initially planted a pressure cooker bomb on the tracks in Ghorsan near Motihari on October 1. However, the alert locals tipped off the police. This led to the plan being aborted, Huda also explained.

Huda says that Paswan then decided to change the plan. He decided to cut the tracks with a gas cutter which in turn would cause the derailment.

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