Is LTTE rising? Cyanide seizure in TN leads to extensive details

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Bengaluru, July 21: There are a lot of details that are emerging from the investigation being conducted by Tamil Nadu's Q branch which had seized from five persons cyanide and satellite phones. During the investigation that is being conducted, the name of the 39 year old Krishnakumar has become centric.

Investigators tell OneIndia that Krishnakumar a member of the LTTE who was in Tamil Nadu since 2009 was attempting a return to Jaffna in Sri Lanka. Several locals were helping him in this operation, investigators also informed.

Is LTTE rising? Cyanide seizure in TN leads to extensive details.
The return to Jaffna:

Krishnakumar had served with the LTTE since 1990. However after the Sri Lankan government stepped up the heat on the LTTE, he returned to Tamil Nadu in the year 2009. He has been in Tamil Nadu since then and has been lying low, officials inform.

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During the course of the investigation it has been learnt that two persons, R Sasikumar and N Rajendran were helping Krishnakumar get out of Tamil Nadu and reach Jaffna. It is still unclear why Krishnakumar was returning to Jaffna after a span of six years, but the suspicion is that the LTTE is on a path of revival.

The Q branch acting on a tip off had seized 300 grams of cyanide and satellite phones. It had stopped a car with five persons and found that two of them were Sri Lankan Tamil refugees while the other two were locals.

The rise of the LTTE:

Intelligence Bureau officials tells OneIndia that the LTTE has been making efforts to revive the outfit. There are several operatives who had gone quiet following the fall of their supremo Prabhakaran.

There is a major vacuum after the fall of the LTTE. The ISI in particular has been trying to rope in former members of the LTTE to build a module that could focus on South India. The recent arrests of Arun Selvarajan and two others showed a devious plan by the ISI to set up operations in South India.

The ISI has been planning on setting up a launch pad in Colombo in a bid to target South India, the NIA had stated in its chargesheet against Selvarajan.

IB officials however point out that the revival of the LTTE may not be easy. However they will try and revive the outfit, the officials also add.

Three attempts at revival:

According to the intelligence bureau the LTTE has made three attempts in the past at revival. There were two attempts made in the year 2012 and one in 2014. However none of their attempts were successful and the Q Branch now suspects that the return of Krishnakumar to Jaffna could have been aimed at boosting the prospects of the outit.

An investigation that was conducted by the Sri Lankan police in 2012 revealed that the LTTE was aiming at reviving the outfit through its overseas connections. A group of persons loyal to the LTTE were attempting to regroup in Paris and then revive the outfit. They had even set up three cells to further their cause, investigations had also revealed.

In the same year, the Sri Lankan police had found that another module of the LTTE in Colombo had attempted to recruit and finance the outfit in a big way. The Tamil Nadu police had even arrested four persons from Pammal in connection with the same case. It was found that these persons were aiming at a major revival by involving cadres from both Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

In the year 2014 it was found that a small module of the LTTE had attempted another revival bid. An operative by the name Kajeepan alias Gobi had opened fire on a policeman at Kilinochchi.

Investigations found that Theiveegan, a former bodyguard of V Prabahakaran had been in touch with some cadres in Tamil Nadu and was making efforts to revive the outfit.

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