Is Congress using Anna Hazare for Lok Sabha elections 2014?

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New Delhi, Dec 22: It seems that the Congress party, who faced a debacle in the recently held assembly elections, is in the 'damage control' mode and is preparing itself 'cautiously' for the next battle of the Lok Sabha elections 2014.

The latest weapon that is allegedly used by the Congress party, in an attempt to retain power in the upcoming general elections is the anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare.

In its latest posters, Anna Hazare is shown along-with the Congress president Sonia Gandhi and party's vice-president Rahul Gandhi.

After the Lokpal Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha, Anna Hazare had expressed thanks to the party's leadership and the Congress President Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi had also thnaked and admired Hazare.

Now, in an attempt to project that Anna is with Congress, the party workers have pasted posters featuring Hazare with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in Maharashtra, Haryana and Delhi.

Anna, who was on a fast-unto-death for his demand of the passing of the Jan Lokpal Bill in the present winter session, had written a "thanksgiving letter" to Rahul Gandhi after the Lokpal Bill was passed.

In his letter, Anna hailed Rahul Gandhi for his commitment to the Lokpal Bill and exhorted him to include some more provisions to give the country a stronger anti-corruption legislation.

Anna hailed Rahul Gandhi for his commitment to the Lokpal Bill.

In a reply to the social activist's praise, Rahul had reciprocated with a letter saying, "All of us are committed to provide people of this country a competent and strongest-possible Lokpal system. We respect your role in this task and we are very grateful to you for your support."

The Congress party has also 'struck a right chord' with the Gandhian Hazare ever since he publicly criticised his one-time protégé and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) founder Arvind Kejriwal.

It may be recalled that that AAP workers had mentioned Anna Hazare's name on their party posters but Anna was upset with that move.

Then AAP had to remove Anna's name from posters after the social activist asked party leader Arvind Kejriwal not to use his name for campaigning.

Now, it is to be seen whether Anna will hit out at the similar move by the Congress party or he will write another "thankgiving" letter to Rahul Gandhi...

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