Iranian parliament busy debating women's dressing

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Baghdad, June 26: Guess what is worrying Iran now. Its neither the crisis in its neighbouring country Iraq or ISIS attacks. A report in Al Monitor says that Iranian parliament is debating how women should dress.

According to the report, Iranian Parliament summoned country's Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli to respond on concerns of parliamentarians on the issue of women wearing leggings in public.

The usage of leggings violated the modesty and hijab laws, said the lawmakers.

The minister was questioned on what the administration was doing regarding promotion of traditional Islamic attire in women. They asked the minister why the administration was indifferent to the legging-clad women and why was the government lax on the implementation of the hijab laws?

The minister in turn replied saying leggings a problem that will take a long time to solve.

It has to be noted that Iran is dogged by problems ranging from crisis in its immediate neighbour to a bad economy.

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