Interview: Dhananjay Kumar all set to rejoin BJP after Yeddyurappa took charge as president

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Bengaluru, Apr 15: Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa assuming the helm of state BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) has now rendered a platform for a few leaders who had quit the party over internal differences to return to the BJP.

A few tall leaders, who left the party for some reasons, namely V Dhananjay Kumar, Basavaraj Patil Yatnal, Kota Srinivasa Poojary has shown inclination to throw their hat into BJP.

V Dhananjay Kumar

The OneIndia got in touch with V Dhananjay Kumar, a staunch loyalist of Yeddyurappa to learn on his political move in reaction to fresh development in the state BJP.

Former Union Minister, Kumar put his appearance in a rally organised on April 14, by the BJP in Bengaluru, where Yeddyurappa delivered a key note speech after the leader held the realm of the BJP in Karnataka.

"Certainly my taking part in the rally is a strong singling of joining the BJP, four time Member of Parliament, Dhananjay Kumar opened up the conversation through telephone.

On being asked why this decision in the wake of new development, Kumar said he always stood with B S Yeddyurappa and his wish to continue the same swayed him to land at such decision. However on contesting assembly elections in 2018, Kumar said there are many more days to go to elections and it is not an issue to be discussed at this juncture.

Kumar jogged his memory to convey that being founder members of the BJP "I and Yeddyurappa toiled to ensure sustained elevation of the party in the state. I remember, in 1983, I won the assembly election. During that year Yeddyurappa too won election. We were among 18, who emerged victories and later extended outside support to form first non-Congress government headed by Ramakrishna Hegde of Janata Party."

Kumar further continued saying he left the BJP as a result of dirty politics. "But I am always a staunch supporter of Yeddyurappa." The return of Yeddyurappa has shown a new wave in the BJP and backing the leader in his endevour to bring the party back to power is a need of the hour. Kumar has cited this as a key reason to join the BJP.

In 2013, the BJP lost assembly elections in Karnataka. "In my opinion, Yeddyurappa's exit from the BJP and subsequent forming of new party Karnataka Janata Party is a prime reason for the BJP's loss. Had Yeddyurappa completed his tenure and continued to lead the party, BJP would have had returned back to power. Such is the crowd pulling capacity of Yeddyurappa."

Kumar said maladministration of the Congress will certainly give a handle to Yeddyurappa to convince people that only BJP can resolve the problems created by the Congress. The party has to work hard in this direction.

Ironing out differences in BJP

Dhananjay Kumar rightly admitted that there are internal differences inside the BJP but broadened his argument contending that internal bickering is common to all political parties as politics now has become a dirty game of power. "Power corrupts you know", Kumar rued.

Yeddyurappa, now taking charge will certainly iron out differences. Those who indicate reluctance to follow instructions of top leader, will dig their own pit. "At least for their (those who have differences) self good, they will now rally behind Yeddyurappa. The leadership quality of Yeddyurappa itself neutralise internal differences, Kumar opined.

Operation Kamala (Lotus)

For a question on will resorting to Operation Kamala again (a process to woo non-BJP members to pull into party fold), would leave more damage than benefits to party, Kumar said operation Kamala has more benefits than loss to the BJP.

"If you had observed, the leaders who joined the BJP during Yeddyurappa's tenure as Chief Minister from the JD(S) and the Congress had not fueled internal differences or organised anti-Party politics," Kumar opined. He added that it was original party members in a frantic chase of power created trouble to the party.

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