Interview: 'The BJP has created magic in BBMP polls'

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Bengaluru, Aug 25: The BJP is celebrating in Bengaluru after winning the prestigious BBMP elections.

Joyous scenes are visible in all units of the party across the city and the state and the leaders have termed this as a victory for their work and also the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

BBMP polls: BJP has created magic

The BJP has before it a major responsibility. The voters of Bengaluru have been very kind on the party and the fact that all the three MP seats were won by the BJP in 2014 is a testimony of the fact. [BBMP election updates: BJP wins 101 seats, Congress wins 75 seats]

We will do a good job like we did earlier says, Prakash Sesharaghavachar, the spokesperson of the BJP. In this intereview with OneIndia, Sesharaghavachar says that the people of Bengaluru have once again restored their faith in the BJP.

Did you expect this victory?

Yes we did. We were confident that the good work that our corporators have done after we won the BBMP polls in 2010 would pay off. At no point in time did we think that we would lose.

The trend normally is to vote the party that rules in the state. What changed this time?

That is the magic of this election and the BJP has changed that trend. As I said that the Congress has been a failure. Siddaramaiah's governance of the city in particular has not been appreciated by the people of Bengaluru. Moreover, one must not also forget that our corporators did some very good work during their terms and this has been appreciated by the people. The verdict was for the good work that the BJP has done.

Some people say the BJP was given a second chance?

The people of Bengaluru have always had faith in the BJP. There have been complaints against the manner in which Siddaramaiah has approached the problems of the city have also gone against the Congress. Let us not forget that the impact of Narendra Modi is still there on the voter. The impact of our leader Narendra Modi and the work done at the ward level is what helped us win this election.

There is talk that Siddaramaiah may be replaced as the Chief Minister. What are your thoughts on this?

(laughs) Let the Congress decide on that. I do not want to comment on their internal affairs. For us it is more important that we won.

The BBMP will have to depend on the funds of the state government. Can we expect a tug of war now considering that you have to deal with a Congress-ruled government in the state?

No that should not be a problem. We expect the Congress to be large hearted and know that they will not discriminate on the release of funds. I am hoping it is that way. Moreover, we have three MPs from Bengaluru which also works in our favour.

Have you decided on who the Mayor would be?

No, not yet and there are some factors before a decision is taken. Moreover, it is too early for that. We need to see what the reservation would be and only then can we take a call on the matter.

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