Inside story of the BJP's role in the TN political crisis

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Bengaluru, Feb 9: There are murmurs in political circles that BJP is behind the crisis in Tamil Nadu. O Paneerselvam who has always been a loyal AIADMK man decided to revolt after meditating before Jayalalithaa's memorial at Marina in Chennai. The OPS outburst surprised many of us and there was talk that he could have been backed by the BJP.

OneIndia spoke to several BJP leaders in Delhi who indicated that they had nothing to do with the crisis, but also added that they would be an OPS over a Sasikala. One leader said the TN crisis was being watched closely by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. He is believed to have indicated that for the state, an OPS would be preferable when compared to a Sasikala.

Is the BJP behind the crisis in TN?

The thinking in the BJP is that Sasikala has too many hurdles ahead. The Supreme Court verdict could swing any way and if convicted, Sasikala will have to step down as CM and this could plunge the state into fresh crisis.

"We do not know what the hurry is," said one leader in Delhi. "She was told to hold on until the SC verdict was out. We even told her that she should take over only once a clear picture emerges and if convicted the scenario would be unclear in the state again. She refused to listen," the source also added.

Another source said that Sasikala had begun to doubt OPS. "She felt that he was the messenger for the BJP from Tamil Nadu. Before he could gain control of the party, she decided to take over. This could have been the reason for her hurrying her elevation without even waiting for the Supreme Court's verdict."

When asked whether the BJP feels OPS is a better bet since they can control him, the source said the party is not interested in interfering. " BJP wants the political scenario in TN to be stable. The BJP is well aware that if it meddles too much there are several issues that could hit back. For instance, the people of the state would never give the party a remote chance during the elections. Moreover the one in control in TN also has a say over the 37 MPs in the Lok Sabha and 13 in the Rajya Sabha."

For the BJP the numbers in the Rajya Sabha is very crucial.

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