No drug overdose or suicide attempt: Revealed! Why Indrani Mukherjea collapsed in jail

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New Delhi, Oct 11: Finally the truth has been revealed why INX co founder Indrani Mukerjea had to hospitalized last week after she fainted in the Jail. Reportedly, she neither attempt suicide nor took any drug which took toll on her health.

Rejecting various theories doing rounds, the jail authorities have claimed that Indrani collapsed in her cell on October 2 due to weakness.

Revealed why Indrani collapsed in Jail

"There was no overdose, nor any poison. Her condition could have worsened as she had briefly stopped taking medicines and was suffering from weakness," said the Inspector General of Prisons Bipin Kumar Singh.

Addressing a press conference at Byculla jail, he further added that Indrani, a prime accused in Sheena Bora murder case, had a history of fainting.

"I have come to the conclusion that there is no evidence of foul play, sabotage or conspiracy. Also there is no evidence of attempt to commit suicide," he said.

Why cocaine in urine

Maharashtra Principal Secretary (Home) Vijay Satbir Singh, referring to media reports, said that the amount of cocaine found in her urine samples was very small.

The amount of cocaine was negligible, and as she was on anti-depression and anti-anxiety drugs, which could be the reason for presence of cocaine in urine, he said.

Bhushan Kumar Upadhaye, ADG, prisons, said pesticides in fruits and vegetables consumed by a person could also cause cocaine to show up in such tests. "The level of cocaine in her urine was 35 nano grams per millilitres of blood while the normal level is up to 300 nano grams," Satbir Singh said.

IG Bipin Kumar Singh said on September 8 Indrani had fainted in the prison and she was given medicines by the jail doctors. "On the next day, a psychiatrist from JJ hospital had diagnosed her," he said. "On September 10, she complained of body pain, lack of sleep and restlessness and even then she was treated by jail doctors.

Then she was having tablets between September 12 to 26, while between September 26 to October 2, she was not taking any tablets," he said.

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