Indian ISIS recruits, Armar, Shahnawaz, Tanki reportedly die in Kobane

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The last words of the Bhatkal man, Aby Abdullah Al hindi alias Sultan Armar was, "Don't forget to liberate India from kuffars. My eyes fills with tears when I think of the Gujrat and Muzaffarnagar massacres.

Armar the man who was heading the Ansar-ul-Tawhid, a group loyal to the ISIS and two others of Indian origin have been killed in battle at Kobane in Syria and Indian Intelligence Bureau officials confirmed the same.

Indian ISIS recruits die in Kobane

The other two of Indian origin who have been killed in fighting are Shaheem Tanki and Abu Abdullah alias Dr Shahnawaz Alam. Tanki was one of the four youth who had slipped out of Kalyan in Maharashtra and gone to fight alongside the ISIS.

Sultan Armar was crucial to investigations

The Intelligence Bureau, National Investigating Agency and the Bengaluru Police were hunting high and low for Armar. A resident of Bhatkal, Armar had broken away from the Indian Mujahideen and joined the ISIS. He had also formed the outfit Ansar-ul-Tawhid which had become a recruiting agency for the ISIS.

His name had cropped up during the recent investigations conducted by the Bengaluru Police into the Bhatkal arms case in which several youth were rounded up on the allegation that they were planning a series of attacks.

Until recently, the Intelligence Bureau believed that he was based out of UAE and a process to seek his extradition too was being made. However it was learnt later that he had moved into Syria and was fighting alongside the ISIS.

In the last week of February he along with Dr Shahnawaz and Tanki who were part of the Hind camp of the ISIS died while fighting.

Dr Shahnawaz was accused in Delhi 2008 blasts

Dr Shahnawaz was part of the Indian Mujahideen according to investigations that were conducted into the Delhi 2008 blasts. He was also present at the Batla house when the Delhi police conducted a raid. However he had managed to slip out and moved out of the country, investigators had said.

He is said to have had a falling out with Yasin and Riyaz Bhatkal which led him to following Armar who had started to move towards the ISIS. Shahnawaz until recently as per the Intelligence inputs was based in Sharjah.

It is still unclear when he moved into Syria. Once in Syria he took the name Abu Abdullah and has been fighting for the ISIS, reports suggest. He too was taken into the Hind camp and is said to have been indoctrinated into the outfit by Armar. He too died fighting in Kobane according to the Indian agencies.

Shameem Tanki had gone off the radar

Shameem Tanki was one among the four youth from Kalyan in Maharashtra who had slipped out of India and joined the ISIS. While one of his friends, Areeb Majeed who was unable to bear the pressure returned to India, the other three stayed on with the ISIS.

Indian ISIS recruits die in Kobane

Tanki had been moved to Syria after he had expressed his desire to engage in the battle field. However unlike in the case of Armar and Dr Shahnawaz the four youth from Kalyan were given odd jobs such as cleaning toilets which had disillusioned them.

Tanki is said to have been in Kobane in the last week of February and it is unclear whether he had died in combat or was part of a troop which was ambushed. However Intelligence agencies say that there they are verifying further whether Tanki too had died in the attack.

Seven more Indians in Syria

The Intelligence Bureau has found that there could be seven more persons in Syria of Indian origin fighting for the ISIS. The process is still under verification and we are trying to ascertain the names and origin of these persons an intelligence bureau official informed OneIndia.

Since Armar went off the radar he has been actively recruiting some Indians into the ISIS, the IB had claimed.

In fact the confirmation about Armar being part of the ISIS came about when the supreme commander of the ISIS, Abu BakrAl Bhagdadi had put out a video message in which he allegedly declared Armar as the emir of the Ansar-ul-Tawhid.

However when one spoke to the family of Armar they said that they is no confirmation regarding his death. We in fact do not know where he is and the last time he had called us was around 5 years back, the family members say.

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