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Bengaluru, Nov 13: A direct link between online betting/gambling and terrorism has been established. Several companies which are operating out of tax havens are providing assistance to persons who carry out online gambling or betting.

The money that is earned is laundered and a large part of it goes towards financing terror, an Intelligence Bureau report states. Bets are placed on all major sporting events and if one looks at the report by the Qatar-based International Centre for Sport Security it states that Nigerians and others bet up to one billion euros on each Premier League game.

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India will need global support:

While recently several online lottery scandals have been busted, there is more that is needed to be done on this front. The problem is not restricted to India alone. There are several players on the online space operating out of various countries who facilitate such betting and gambling rackets.

These betting dens which operate online are closed groups and only after thorough scrutiny are people allowed inside. While in many countries betting is legal, the clamour for illegal betting dens are preferred as the stakes are higher and there are no taxes on it. There is a collaboration of terror groups and the mafia which directly control this racket.

One report states that operators of such betting dens exploit poor regulation and the absence of strong consumer advocacy groups.

Indian investigators have found it hard to shut down such dens. Most of the persons running these rackets operate for short durations and then close it down. They play a hide and seek game and ensure that new sites are opened up at regular intervals to keep the security agencies at bay.

Only recently a major online racket was busted in India which was being run by Tamil Nadu based Santiago Martin. Several crores of rupees were seized and while investigating the trail it led up to the underworld and also several hawala operatives who pump money into the world of terror.

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