India should take lead in world on cyber security: BJP

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Bengaluru, Sep 3: Cyber security posed the biggest challenge and it was high time the country took a lead at the world stage in addressing this issue, BJP MP Tarun Vijay today said.

"The biggest challenge before India will not be as much of oil crisis or water or the military expansionism of the neighbours, it will be cyber security. No other factor is going to match this challenge of cyber security," he said here.

India should lead in cyber secuirity:BJP.
Vijay, a member of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence, consultative committee on External Affairs and Member, Board of Governors Parliamentary Network on IMF and World Bank, said: "We are least prepared about it. We don't have enough laws, appropriate laws, effective laws."

He said India must take the lead by showing the liberal democratic world the right path on cyber security.

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"If not India then who else, do you think China or Pakistan will do it?" he questioned, adding that India has to take a lead or else it will be a "war-like situation."

Pointing out that every act was getting heard and read by others and all data was being parked in foreign country, he said this makes it further more necessary that the best of Indian IT must remain in best companies in the country and not serving the best companies abroad.

Stressing that it is time for India to take steps, he said, "Why can't we create our own security system, our own financial smart card business and social media?"

Listing out Indian born CEO's including Satya Nadella of Microsoft and Sundar Pichai of Google, Vijay said, "Let India not just become CEO producing country to serve foreign giants."

"While appreciating and saluting their talents showing an extraordinary brilliance and acumen to take charge of the world giants, a simple question should be asked to them, how does their meteoric raise help their motherland except inspiring young generation to aspire for greater goal," he said.

"This trend must now be transformed to serve India. We want Indian CEOs for an Indian Google and let India not become just a CEO producing country to serve foreign giants. The India dream must be to have Indian Apple, Microsoft, Google and Twitter and FB," he added.

Vijay also said Prime Minister Narendra Modi's plan for Digital India and Make in India can get realised better when Indians like Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella repay the debt to their mother land by helping in bringing welfare to the people of the country.


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