India's drone troubles: Wedding planners to advertisers flouting norms

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New Delhi, Dec 21: India has some serious drone trouble. While it is no doubt a security issue, the fact is that drones are being used by wedding planners and also advertisers.

The drones fitted with cameras that are easily available on online shopping sites are a preferred choice of wedding photographers thanks the beautiful angles that the cameras can shoot with.


The recent security scare was reported after a drone was seen flying near the IGI airport at Delhi. The police who were clueless about who launched this drone even announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for any information. The Home Ministry also sought a report on this issue.

Guidelines needed:

With drones available on online shopping sites, there are question marks about the guidelines. It is being used a lot these days at weddings to take aerial shots.

The drone fitted with cameras are a major draw at several weddings these days. The problem is that most of these planners do not seek permission and fly these drones around which as per law is not permitted.

With aerial photography becoming a major trend, the Home Ministry and the Directorate General for Civil Aviation are working on guidelines. There is an urgent need for guidelines on the use of drones even if it is for weddings or advertising.

Take the case of the mysterious object that was flying at Mumbai. It turned out to be a balloon used by an advertiser to take aerial shots.

The new guidelines will ensure that prior permission must be sought before drones are launched into the air. Moreover, the punishment for flying such objects in the air without permission will also be stringent.

Security of the skies is a key concern in India and there are have been several intelligence alerts which state that terrorist groups could use drones.

Terror groups would try and use drones to take pictures of sensitive locations, the intelligence bureau alert also stated. The IB has recommended that the use of drones must be barred all together for use by private persons.

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