India on high alert as Lakhvi walks free

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Bengaluru, April 10: As Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakvhi walks out of a jail in Pakistan, security along the border areas especially in Jammu and Kashmir have been increased.

Intelligence Bureau officials have warned that the release of Lakhvi is symbolic to the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and its affiliates and they with renewed vigour may target the border areas.


Lakhvi one of the masterminds of the 26/11 attack was released following a court order. Pakistan had always issued a fresh order of detention each time the court ordered his release. However this time around no such order was issued which resulted in Lakhvi walking free.

What ISI has in store for Lakhvi?

Lakhvi after Hafiz Saeed is one of the most influential jihadis in Pakistan. He means a lot to the ISI for which the Lashkar is a proxy. The ISI may not have any immediate plans for him, but would expect to join the battle in Afghanistan over the months.

There is enhanced activity in Afghanistan and the latest player the ISIS or the Al-Khorasan has been making inroads at high speed. Lakhvi would be told to marshal the Lashkar forces and counter any group opposed to the interests of Paksitan.

Lakhvi however is passionate about Kashmir, but will be told to go slow for the moment on this issue. The bigger concern is the groups such as Tehrik-e-Taliban and the ISIS for Pakistan and Lakhvi's immediate resources would be used against those groups.

The imam of all Jihadis

In Pakistan he is known as the imam of Jihadis. He has put his family on the battle field and every person in the Lashkar is in awe of him for this. His two sons, Abu Qasim and Abu Qatal died fighting in Kashmir against the Indian army.

He had also instructed his wife not to lose heart after they lost their sons. In fact he instructed her to run a camp for those widows who had lost their husbands fighting in Kashmir. These are the factors that have added to his reputation and hence is considered to be the most passionate jihadi of Pakistan.

The anti India stand

Some of his statements against India are a clear indicator of why he is loved so much in Paksitan. He had said that his primary agenda was the destruction of India. He also said that the entire network of the Lashkar would be extended into India.

He was the same one who said before the Kargil war that a war against India was on the cards. He said that it was time to prepare for the disintegration of India. He has also threatened to liberate Kashmir and Hyderabad.

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