India's Mangalyaan costs Rs 4 per person, the cheapest space mission ever

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Mars mission
New Delhi, Sept 23: India's space mission to Mars-Mangalyaan is not only the first ever indigenous mission to the planet, but also the cheapest. It cost us all a mere Rs 4 per person. As the satellite closes in with the planet, it is likely to join its counterpart US satellite MAVEN (that landed on Monday) on September 24.

The size of a Nano car, the golden satellite was completed in record time at a record cost of Rs 450 crores or $67 million dollars. Designed by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the satellite has covered 670 million kilometres to reach Mars. Indeed, this would be the lowest-cost inter-planetary mission ever to be undertaken in the world.

In his previous visit to the space station during the launching of the satellite, Prime MInister Narendra Modi applauded the efforts put in by the Indian scientists and said,"Hollywood movie Garvity costs more than our space mission."

However, the scientists haven't compromised on the quality. "This has been a cheap mission. But we have not compromised; we have done it in two years and ground testing has helped," said K Radhakrishnan, Chairman of ISRO.

Thanks to India's technological capabilites, America's Mars rover 'Curiosity' has cost over 2 billion dollars.

Indeed, India is paving its way into next-generation technology, which are faster, durable and cheaper.

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