Now, Kejriwal launches mission 'Mangal' for India ahead of elections!

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New Delhi, Sept 24: While the country is busy in celebrating the historic success of Mars mission of India, Arvind Kejriwal seems to have launched another mission for the 'Mangal' (good) of Indians ahead of the assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra.

AAP is all set to resume its fight against corruption in the country. After the poll debacle in Lok Sabha election 2014, the party decided not to contest in upcoming assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana.

However, the party-led by Kejriwal was determined to accomplish its duty for the society. AAP spokesperson -- Priti Sharma Menon on Wednesday, Sept 24 informed that their agenda behind the mission is to encourage participatory democracy.

"We will publish pamphlets and hold meetings and street plays exposing corrupt candidates and encourage citizens to vote for clean candidates. Our helpline will guide people to fight these corrupt practices and we will take to the streets to protest against this menace," she was quoted as saying.

Speaking about different tactics to get votes, AAP reportedly has planned to start a drive against the menace of black money, alcohol and other bribes paid to lure the voters.

"There may be good candidates, but we don't have the means to evaluate them and hence have decided to be neutral and educate the people to elect clean candidates," added Menon.

Kejriwal, who along with Anna Hazare had begun its journey against corruption in the country, succeeded to create awareness among people. But he failed to hold his image. Now, he seems to be all set to restore his lost glory among his supporters and followers.

Mangalyaan and its success created history for India, not only because India is the only country of the world to complete the mission in its first attempt but it is one of the cheapest projects in terms of other space projects.

Mission Mangalyaan proved that Indian too can achieve anything if they remain loyal to their country. All missions will be successful and money would not be any problem in this developing country if corruption is uprooted from the country.

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