Reform, Perform, Transform - we have made efforts in every sector: PM on Independence Day

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The historic Red Fort is all set for India's 70th Independence Day celebrations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will unfurl the Tricolour and address the nation on the Independence Day.

Independence Day

9.08 am: Prime Minister Modi concludes his address to the country Independence Day India

9.04 am: If people of Balochistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir thank me, they are thanking the 125 crore Indians: PM

9.03 am: India will never bow down to terrorism: PM

9.00 am: PM talks of how when children in Peshawar school were killed and India had expressed solidarity for the innocent lives lost.

8.56 am: Violence has no place in our society: PM @narendramodi

8.53 am: Unity in diversity, this is our strength: PM

8.50 am: PM talks of reforms introduced in the real estate industry.

8.49 am: PM talks about the army men and how thanks to them we are able to live peacefully thanks to their sacrifice. PM talks of successful execution of One Rank One Pension.

8.48 am: Strong India, strong society cannot be a reality without social justice. We need to work towards the development of dalits and oppressed.

8.45 am: Instead of isolated development, we are focusing on integrated development: PM Narendra Modi

8.43 am: One nation, one grid and one price- we have worked on this: PM @narendramodi

8.41 am: We have to meet global standards, along with progressing as a country: PM

8.40 am: Now women in India will get 26 weeks of maternity leave so that women can better take care of the children: PM Modi

8.37 am: 99.5% of past dues of sugarcane farmers have been cleared; 95% of sugarcane sold this season has been paid for to farmers, says PM Modi.

8.30 am: PM Modi talks of how coal is always available to the power plants now and there is no shortage of electricity supply in the country now.

8.28 am: Reform, Perform, Transform - we have made efforts in every sector: PM

8.27 am: Instead of isolated development, we are focusing on integrated development: PM

8.26 am: Narendra Modi talks of delivering the benefits of good governance to the last man and how this helps his government take decisions that help delivering benefits to the last man.

8.25 am: PM talks about how his government has acknowledged the contribution of the past government and how he himself reviews projects and the progress achieved by the execution groups.

8.24 am: PM says he is not keen on developing image of his government he is keen on changing image of the nation.

8.23 am: PM talks about introducing bio toilets in the railways and also about introducing bullet trains in India.

8.16 am: PM talks about efforts of his government to improve the condition of the farmers. He talks about more crop per drop, irrigation scheme, soil health card.

8.12 am: How can we forget the bravery and sacrifice of the Sikh Gurus: PM @narendramodi

8.10 am: PM talks of how diplomatic relations with neighbours and other countries of the world have improved and now the relations are used to come up with deals that are helping Indians.

8.07 am: PM talks of how his government is selling LED bulbs at Rs. 50 to common man so that the nation can save energy and people can save on power bills.

8.05 am: We have connected 70 crore Indians to Aadhaar and social security schemes: PM @narendramodi

8.03 am: Common man was not part of the main stream economic system of India. We made the impossible possible by Jan Dhan scheme: PM @narendramodi

7.56 am: PM says renewable energy is going to be the focus of his government.

7.53 am: PM talks of how we need to accelerate the speed of growth.

7.52 am: We want to change the situation where people are scared of income tax authorities, particularly among middle class families: PM Narendra Modi

7.50 am: PM Narendra Modi talks about how the government not only should be sensitive to the needs of the people but it should also be accountable to the people.

7.49 am: Responsibility & Accountability is the root of good governance: PM

7.45 am: Surajya, the meaning of this is- a qualitative and positive change in the lives of the citizen of India: PM @narendramodi #ModiFromRedFort

7.44 am: Today, more than Karya, I want to talk about Karya Sanskriti on the Government: PM @narendramodi from the Red Fort

7.43 am: PM talks of how there was a government that was always under some scam or other and now how his government is ready to fulfill the aspirations of the people.

7.40 am: Yes, we face several problems. But we are capable to overcome them: PM Narendra Modi

7.35 am: We remember Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Pandit Nehru, countless people who sacrificed their lives so that we attained Swarajya: PM Narendra Modi

7.34 am: May this energy guide the nation to scale newer heights of progress in the years to come: PM Narendra Modi

7.33 am: PM begins his Independence Day speech. Wishes Indians across the globe a very happy Independence Day.

7.30 am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi unflurs the National Flag.

7.20 am: The Prime Minister has arrived at the Red Fort. Defence Minister @manoharparrikar is welcoming him.

7.19 am: Prime Minister arrives at the Red Fort.

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