In the murder of NIA officer, there is more than what meets the eye

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New Delhi, April 18: The probe into the murder of NIA officer, Tenzil Ahmed is far from over. The police are on the look out for Muneer who has criminal antecedents and the slain officer had tipped off the police about his whereabouts which led to the murder.

While the UP police probing the case say that there are multiple angles being explored into this case, they are trying to find out if Muneer wanted in a murder and robbery case had any links with terror groups.


It is for the first time that an officer with the NIA has been murdered and the police would have to do a thorough job before closing the case.

However, there are several angles that need to be explored which range from a personal dispute to professional reasons.

Several questions:

The UP police picked up several persons in connection with this case including a relative of the officer. At first it was said that the relative had a grudge against the officer over a property deal and this led to the murder.

However, the investigations threw up the name of Muneer who was a murder accused. The officer who was aware of this is said to have tipped off the local police about his whereabouts as a result of which Muneer was forced to abscond.

This points to the fact that Muneer did nurture a grudge against the officer. It was said that the relative of the officer was aware of this grudge and hence had roped him in to commit the murder. This is one part of the investigation.

Although part one of the probe suggests that the relatives had roped Muneer in, there is also a doubt about the sequence of events. Part two of the probe suggests that it was Muneer who planned the murder.

Would the relative and three others not associated with the officer get involved in a plot to kill such an important officer? The consequences of killing a police officer is never light.

The UP police had first stated that this looks like a case of property dispute. However with new facts coming to light, the police had to put on hold their first theory.

The persons who have been arrested and questioned stick to the point that the murder was a result of a property dispute.

For the UP police apprehending Muneer is very important as he appears to be the key man in this entire incident and only he can spill the beans on whether he plotted the killing or was hired as a hit man by the relative to murder the NIA officer.

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