In Pics: Myth exploded! BJP wins in Muslim, Christian- dominated seats

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New Delhi, May 16: As the BJP is headed for a historical victory in the Lok Sabha election 2014, a myth has also been busted that the party could not secure win in Muslim, and Christian-dominated seats.

The contributors in Modi's landslide victory are not only Hindu voters, but the people from different religions like Muslims and Christians have also voted for him this time.

In Uttar Pradesh's 80 seats, 28 seats are Muslim-dominated. Azamgarh, Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, Mainpuri, Mau, Moradabad, Bareli, Rampur and Meerut, are some of the seats where BJP is leading.

In Bihar, Kishanganj, Katihar, Araria, Purnia, Darbhanga and Sitamarhi are Muslim-dominated seats, where BJP is said to be leading.

The surprising trend proves that Muslims also want change in the Indian politics. This timer, they have voted for a change.

Let's see more details in the following slide show:

Pics: Modi wins hearts of Muslim voters!

Out of total 543 Lok Sabha seats, 104 seats are Muslim-dominated. BJP has got 40% of seat share while Congress could get only 15% of the seat share.

Pics: Modi wins hearts of Muslim voters!

In Bihar, out of 40 seats, 14 are MUslim-dominated seats. BJP has got 56% seats, Nitish Kumar- led JD(U) and Lalu Prasad's RJD got 22% seat share each.

Pics: Modi wins hearts of Muslim voters

Out of 80 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh, 28 are Muslim-dominated. Here, BJP has secured 79% seats, Congress-7%, SP- 14% and BSP-0.

Pics: Modi wins hearts of all religions

In Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh, where Christian voters are in majority, the BJP has successfully got most of the seats.

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