In matters of national security, courts must stay away

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New Delhi, July 24: Should the courts in India interfere in matters of national interest? An interesting point was made in an affidavit filed by the Union Government in the case relating to the security clearance to the Sun TV Group.

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The affidavit that was filed before the Delhi High Court questions the jurisdiction of the courts in mattes of national interest.

National security: Courts must stay away

Decisions are taken after receiving inputs from intelligence agencies and several other law enforcement agencies chip in before a final call is taken, the government also told the Delhi High Court.

Should courts meddle in matters of national interest?

The government comes to a conclusion on a certain subject after taking into consideration various aspects. The Intelligence Bureau gives its inputs and before the decision becomes actionable in nature, there are various agencies which scrutinize the information, the Government also noted.

The High Court cannot sit in judgment over such decisions and it is best that the authorities in charge of security take a call on matters of national interest the government also submitted.

If there is repeated interference then anti social elements and terrorists will take advantage of the situation.

They will take control over our national resources. If there is an input suggesting an act of terrorism, money laundering etc and if we wait for a conviction before we act, then the effects of the same will be disastrous, the government further noted.

Marans are responsible for denial of security clearance:

The subject in question was the denial of security clearance to Sun TV and the Red FM radio channel. The government told the court that Maran brothers Kalanidhi and Dayanidhi are the reason for the security clearance being denied.

There have been several alerts and information that came in for us to take such a decision. There is a national security threat in this issue and hence the decision was taken the government also told the court.

There are a host of charges against the group owners which include, money laundering, corruption and also the case relating to the illegal telephone exchange scam. The government has a right to deny clearance in such an event in national interest. The medium being operated by them has a huge reach and it is important that national interest needs to be safeguarded.

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