In Dawood's health bulletin there is a message of transition in the syndicate

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New Delhi, April 26: On December 26th 2015 when underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim celebrated his birthday there was an indication that he would retire.

While the news of his retirement did spread around quite soon, the same was immediately denied by his camp.Now another news of him suffering from gangrene has surfaced.

Dawood Ibrahim

There are several messages that can be read in the above mentioned news items. The don has not been in the best of health for a relatively long time. Around four years back an officer suggested that he walked around with the help of two people.

He is not the suave cigarette smoking don that one gets to see in the photographs which were shot nearly 2 decades back.

The D gang runs on the name of this man. If he dies, then there will be a vacuum and what the syndicate wants is a peaceful transition without their business being affected. The importance of the D Gang can be found in the manner that the ISI shelters him in Karachi.

Not in the best of health:

Dawood has been suffering from health issues for sometime now. While there were various reports that suggested time and again that he is being moved around constantly, they were false. For him his Karachi home is the best safe house as even those sheltering him in Pakistan would find it easier to guard him.

Dawood has been running his business over phone for several years now. His movements have been completely restricted for various issues. While his health has been on the decline for sometime now, there is also this fear of him being apprehended.

Several intelligence bureau officials tell OneIndia that his health has been on the decline. His associates are the ones who run the business.

It is a well established empire thanks to the establishment support he gets in Pakistan and the kind of money he rakes in.Off late there have not been any intercepts on him which suggests he has taken a complete back seat.

Moving on:

What the syndicate does not want is a tussle breaking out between Dawood's right hand men and his brothers to take control over the syndicate. As of now there appears to be no rift as D is still alive. None of the major decisions are taken by Dawood these days and it is either his brother or Shakeel who call the shots.

What the ISI or the syndicate cannot afford is a split in the syndicate. Any news of a split would be music to India's ears.Moreover, the syndicate is the biggest money spinner for the ISI.

There will be many more attempts to test the waters in the days to come. The problem for the syndicate is not just appointing a leader, but also ensure that he is approved of by the henchmen who works in different corners of the world.

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