Impotent jibe, failed business led this youth into the Islamic State

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Failed businesses, an 'impotent' taunt from the wife, this youth decided that it was time to prove his mettle. Vaseem Ramodiya who was arrested along with his brother Naeem is detailing his journey into the dreaded terror outfit with the Gujarat ATS.

['Big cat, Ninja fox' were profiles used by Gujarat Islamic State operatives]

Impotent jibe, failed business led this youth into the Islamic State

An officer associated with the probe informed that Vaseem wanted to feel powerful. He had failed on every count despite being educated. Joining the Islamic State and carrying out an attack was his motive apart from the fact that he wanted to earn some money as well.

Officials say that it appears that Vaseem was promised a good sum of money his handler who is suspected to be of Indian origin. Vaseem says that he was pushed around a lot and he tried to start several businesses, but failed on every count. He was being watched by recruiters and in him they found a potential candidate.

[Wife's 'impotent' jibe led Gujarat man into the Islamic State]

When he was offered a role in the outfit, he was skeptical at first. However as his own claim before the police, he had been taunted by his wife for showing no guts. You are impotent, she once told him. This he said hurt him no end and that is when he decided to join the group.

However his journey into the group also was not an entirely successful. He planned attacks including one on a temple in Saurashtra. He also planned an attack at a public place in Rajkot along with his brother. However on all occasions he failed to execute the attack. I was scared, he told the ATS. The officials in the ATS say that they are checking to see his level of radicalisation. There is a lot of material found on him which suggests that he had idloised the likes of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the chief of the Islamic State and the self declared Caliph.

ATS officials are also in the midst of tracking down his handler. This is an important part of the investigation as we need to find out who else he may have indoctrinated and brought them into the outfit, the ATS official also noted.

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