If 'Juvenile' rapists acted 'his' way....

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New Delhi, Sept 5: Sunil (name changed), a juvenile rape accused threatened the family of the victim of his brutality and perversion. Living just a few meters away from her home, he thumps his chest in pride, almost re-living his encounter with the 6 year-old girl whom he had raped and cut into pieces.

Now, the family lives in constant fear for their younger daughter who is now targeted by Sunil. Earlier this year, he had threatened her family saying that the younger sibling would meet the same fate.

Destiny was in Sunil'a favour 5 years back when he was arrested for the rape and murder of a 6 year old girl. While the trial court judged him guilty and sentenced him to death, the sentence was held in the High Court that argued that he was a minor at the time of crime. Sunil now walks free, without any fear.

However, the Delhi Police says that it has planned to push the case to the Supreme Court for reforms in the JJ Act. But till then, the girl's family has to live in fear of the brutal killer. Following the threats by Sunil, the girl's family had lodged a complaint with the police, which lodged a case of criminal intimidation and criminal trespass. However, he was released on bail.

What is more surprising is the reaction of Sunil's family who live in oblivion. His elder sister funded his bail and the lawyer and would do that yet again, if required.

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