IED as booby traps will be witnessed in more terror strikes: IB report

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New Delhi, Mar 1: In the past one year there have been 268 incidents of blasts being carried with Improvised Explosive Devices.

The number of lives lost in IED blasts was 117. An intelligence bureau report states that the use of IEDs will increase across the world and India too as it remains a cheap option for terrorists with which they can cause maximum impact.

'IEDs to be used in more terror strike'

Terror groups and lone wolves are able to source IEDs with much ease and it is a cost effective option for them, the report also states. IEDs will be used by both terrorist groups and naxalites, the report also states.

Techniques on the net:
The report further states that there are various ways in which terror groups and lone wolves will use IEDs. The techniques are available on the internet and the assembling technique too is extremely easy. This has ensured that more persons have been looking to use IEDs.

The report also says that apart from its easy availability it is also a very cost effective method of striking and also causing immense damage. Terrorists who came to Pathankot too had used IEDs, but as booby traps.

The IED comprise a common set of components:

  • A switch/trigger;
  • An initiator
  • Main charge
  • A power source for the switch
  • A container

Use of IED as booby trap:

In the Pathankot attack, an officer with the NSG lost his life while trying to defuse a bomb near the body of a terrorist. This has become a norm with terrorists and each one packs an IED device deep into his clothing during an attack.

It serves as a booby trap. After the death of the terrorist, when an official is examining the body, the explosive is meant to go off and hence terrorists wear the IED on them to serve as a booby trap.

Booby traps are usually activated when an unsuspecting person disturbs an apparently harmless object performs. A booby trap is aimed at killing of incapacitating a person. It causes an unexpected random casualty. Further it also creates an air of suspicion and tends to lower the morale of the security force as they begin to believe that everything has been booby trapped.

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