IAS officer DK Ravi's death: Post-mortem report confirms suicide

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Bengaluru, March 18: The postmortem report that was conducted on IAS officer DK Ravi has stated that it was death caused due to asphyxiation which is common in cases of suicide by hanging.

The report has found that it was a straight forward case of suicide caused by hanging and now the police will proceed to find out the motive behind the suicide.

DK Ravi's death: Suicide confirmed

Findings in the postmortem and inquest report:

The body was taken for postmortem after his death. As per the postmortem report it was a case of death caused due to asphyxiation.

This is common in cases of suicide, the postmortem report states. [Bangalore: 'Personal reasons' haunted IAS officer DK Ravi to commit suicide?]

The report also does not point to any sort of struggle before the suicide which rules out the possibility of an abetted or forced death.

This would mean that the angle of murder has been ruled out as per the post mortem report.

The postmortem which was conducted yesterday in the morning was done in the presence of Tahsildar Y Nagraj.

The Tahsildar is present when the postmortem and the inquest is conducted when the death occurred is suspicious in nature.

When the case goes up before the court, the Tahsildar would have to testify that he was witness to the procedure being conducted. This is mandatory as per procedure and law.

The motive remains to be seen:

The police have begun questioning several other persons in connection with the case. They have even questioned Ravi's father in law and his driver.

The police have got an indication that there were some family issues which could have led up to the officer committing suicide.

The police are also verifying the call details. It has been found that a call had made from his phone to a batch mate IAS officer at 11:22 am on Monday, March 16 - the same day Ravi died.

This call would give the police more details about the intent or motive behind the suicide. Investigating officials say that with the death being confirmed as a suicide now, it is now for them to find out what exactly led up to him committing suicide.

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