IAS officer DK Ravi's batch mate will be witness in the case

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Bengaluru, March 20: The criminal investigation department (CID) will make an IAS officer who was the batch mate of D K Ravi a witness in the case.

The decision to make her a witness in the case was taken after she briefed the Chief Secretary about the entire incident and also recorded her statement with the CID.

IAS officer

The IAS officer who was Ravi's batch mate was the last one to receive a message from him before he committed suicide, investigations have found.

The message which was sent at around 11.25 AM last Monday after a two minute call which lasted between 11.22 AM and 11.24 AM had become centric to the probe.

Officer briefed Chief Secretary before meeting CID:

As per the procedure, the officer briefed the Chief Secretary before meeting with the CID. The officer during the briefing with the chief secretary informed him about all that had taken place prior to the death of Ravi.

During the briefing various details such as the message records and also the call details were shared. The same details were also shared with the CID which recorded the statement of the officer.

Meeting the Chief Secretary prior to the probe agency was part of the procedure. The Chief Secretary is responsible for all the IAS officers in the state and hence he needs to be briefed in any such event before the probe agency.

Only witnesses and no accused:

The CID would make both the wife and the IAS officer witnesses in the case.

The statements of both have been recorded and both have indicated that there was a personal turmoil which led up to the death of the officer, D K Ravi.

The CID would also include the driver into the list of witnesses. The father in law who was questioned thrice that is on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday could also be made a witness in the case.

There are no accused in the case as of now. The police have not found anyone to have abetted the suicide. The CID however says it would also look into that aspect as well. A preliminary report would be submitted by Monday.

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