IAS officer's death: Ravi was told to slow down

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In the ongoing investigations into the death of IAS officer, DK Ravi, the statements of his driver and family members hold the key.

Sources investigating the case tell Oneindia that they are continuing their questioning of the driver and till now he has said that he knows nothing what had happened.

DK Ravi

An officer said that it is important to know what transpired during the weekend and could have some domestic issues too led to the death of the dynamic officer.

It is pertinent that we probe all angles into the case and we will wait until the cremation is completed before we ask the family members some questions relating to the incident.

Was a hit job?

The police say that as of now there is nothing to show that it could have been a hit job. There is no suicide note that has been recovered as yet which leads us to believe that he may not have left one.

Had someone threatened him and abetted a suicide, the officer would have left a suicide note mentioning their names.

It is a sensitive case and we are exercising a lot of caution. We understand the sentiments attached to the case and will do a thorough job out of it the officer also informed.

Driver still in custody:

The driver of the officer is still being questioned by the police. There are contradictory views on the driver that have emerged.

While some say that Ravi left from office to his home by himself, others claim that he was accompanied by the driver.

The driver however has not spelt out anything in detail and has said that he knows nothing of what transpired in the office.

The other aspect which is a blank in the investigation is that none know what happened when he had visited his office briefly yesterday in the morning.

It is quite surprising that he left straight to the office from his father in law's house when normally he would have gone home and then to the office.

We are checking if he had sent out any mail from the office or had left something behind there which could lead us to any clues, the investigating officer also pointed out.

Several unfulfilled dreams:

Ravi had become a hero wherever he served. His simplicity and the will to change the system and actually do it is what separated him out from the rest.

Coming from a humble background of a farming community, he struggled his way to the top.

He understood the difficulties to pass the exams and even took free coaching classes for UPSC aspirants. His dream of seeing through several honest officers in the system remains unfulfilled.

He had also planned on constructing an international cricket stadium in Kolar. However, that dream too did not come through as he had been transferred. All these never deterred him and he continued to fix new targets for himself.

Rs 1,000 was the target he had set for himself which had to be collected from 50 defaulters which included several realty companies and firms.

He had managed to collect Rs 138 crore since he took over as additional commissioner in the commercial taxes department in October 2014.

Was told to go slow:

Many officers in his own department felt that he was going too fast. Several officials felt that he needed to slow down as this was a difficult system that he was taking on.

Ravi, however, never paid heed to their advise and worked the way he felt was right. For him slowing down meant letting the culprits go.

He always would say it was this speed that helped in curbing the sand mafia entirely in Kolar. Alas, the mafia was back once he was transferred out of there.

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