"I was sure of my prediction for Bihar," Axis Chairman Pradeep Gupta

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New Delhi, Nov 8: With the Bihar elections being won by the Mahaghatbandan, it is celebration time for a few and introspection time for the rest.

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There were several exit polls that were conducted ahead of the results which were announced just a while ago. In fact the exit polls too suggested a very confusing picture of what was to come. However what was common in all exit polls was that it would be a close fight.

I was sure of my prediction for Bihar

However the exit polls conducted by the Axis-AD-Print Media stated that the Mahaghatbandan would get 169-183 and the NDA would get 58-70 seats.

The Axis-AD-Print Media was almost spot on when it came to the Delhi elections as well and it had predicted 53 seats for the Aam Aamdi Party which finally went on to win 67 seats.

Chairman of the Axis-AD-Print Media Pradeep Gupta tells OneIndia that he was sure that his prediction would be proven right. I feel that there are a couple of factors that have worked in favour of the Mahaghatbandan.

Consolidation and delivery are two key factors that have ensured that they won the elections, Gupta also informed.

The consolidation of the alliances has between NItish and Lalu Prasad Yadav has worked well for the Mahaghatbandan. Moreover the voter has acknowledged the delivery mechanism of Nitish Kumar. These I would say are two important factors that have gone in favour of the Mahaghatbandan.

The other factors are the manner in which the seats were shared between the RJD and the JD(U).

They got the seat selection or sharing spot on and this has worked wonders for them and also ensured the transfer of votes.

We were confident with our survey results as we have interviewed several thousand of people and noted it on pen and paper. Moreover we have done face to face interviews and jotted it down on pen and paper.

Hence I say that we were confident of what we were projecting, Gupta also adds.

Lalu Prasad Yadav may have won more seats than Nitish Kumar and the question that arises whether the government will run.

I feel that there will be no hitches in running the government. Both parties do realize that they needed each other to win the elections and they will need each other to run the government and survive as well, Gupta further points out.

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