I was never silent on 2002 riots: Modi

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New Delhi, April 16: Gandhinagar, April 16: Breaking the silence on his alleged involvement in Gujarat riots, BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Wednesday told ANI that he was never silent on the riots.

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"But no one ever tried to "understand the truth", he said, blaming on a conspiracy. "I was not silent. I answered every top journalist in the country from 2002 to 2007, but noticed there was no exercise to understand the truth. It was an unknown entity causing conspiracies," he told the ANI news agency today.

Referring to the increasing crime rate against women, Modi said, "Crimes against women are a national shame.
Neither Rahul nor I should politicise crimes against women. Women's security will be a priority if we form the government."

Expressing confidence, Modi said that this election will be Congress' worst performance and BJP's best.

On Amit Shah

About the controversies surrounding his party man Amit Shah, Modi said that Shah is hardworking, a self-made man. "Amit Shah is what he is on merit, not because of me."


"A country's relations are not determined by what happens/happened with an individual."

On Pakistan

"Confrontation is not the direction that Indian foreign policy should walk on. We all need to live with dignity"

On International press' views on him

"How can such an assessment be made about a man who has not done this work before?"

About the Varanasi contest

"I am not going to Varanasi to defeat someone. Defeating someone is not my aim. I am going there to win over people's hearts"

On religious symbols and why he refused to wear a skull cap
Won't wear a symbol of appeasement for a photo-op. Does Sonia Gandhi wear a skull cap?"

On Kashmir issue, Article 370

"BJP ready for debate on any issue, we only talk of this so that development reaches Jammu & Kashmir"

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