'I spied against India so that I could visit my family in Pak'

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The arrest of Sadiq Khan an alleged spy on the payrolls of the ISI has given the police a lot of information on the network works in India. Sadiq was detained at the Jodhpur railway station on Saturday following which he was quizzed by both the police as well officers from the Intelligence Bureau.

Border Security Force personnel patrol along the fence at the border.

Officials who questioned him say that he was part of the module that operated along western Rajasthan. He, along with another spy Nandlal aka Nandu Maharaj had gathered sensitive information about the army and the movement of soldiers, and shared with their handlers in Pakistan.

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Sadiq told the police that he was helped by the ISI which facilitated his travels to Pakistan, where he has a family. However, once an ISI agent threatened him that he would not given entry into Pakistan. The ISI official then told him that his travel would be taken care of if he spied for them.

Sadiq said that he no option but to bite the bait. He also said that he was paid small amounts by his handlers each time he gave them information.

However, Sadiq reiterated that his main intention to get into the network was so that he could meet his family. He also said that the ISI official had even threatened to eliminate his family if he did not take up the job.

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