Won't leave any stone unturned for New India says Modi

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New Delhi, March 12: Prime Minister Narendra Modi carried out a victory drive to celebrate the Bharatiya Janata Party's victory in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The drive concluded at the party headquarters in New Delhi.

Narendra Modi

He received a warm welcome at the party headquarters. BJP president Amit Shah and BJP parliamentary committee members felicitated him. Amit Shah talked about how PM has worked towards the benefit of poor and he said that the mandate that people have given to BJP this time is two steps ahead of the 2014 election mandate.

"I see a new India, an India of the dream of the youth. A new India of empowered women and their dreams. A new India that looks to contribute and not just to take. The India that seeks opportunities to grow" said Prime Minister Modi in his speech at the BJP headquarters on Sunday. Narendra Modi, amid cheers from the party cadre said that no stone will be left unturned for a new India. The BJP parliamentary committee welcomed the Prime Minister is an elaborate celebration, congratulating him for the massive Uttar Pradesh win.

"It doesn't matter to me that we defeated any party. I respect the people's mandate and we want to fulfil the people's aspirations. We have found ourselves successful in the path of dedicating ourselves for the welfare of the people," he said.

"With these wins, we have the responsibility of being humble. Power is not about posts. Power is an opportunity to serve," said the Prime Minister. Narendra Modi said that the BJP government will work for not just those who voted for the party but also for those who didn't. "The government is formed with majority votes but should run with everyone's acceptance. Our government will work for those who walk with us but also for those who stand in opposition," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said.

PM on the power of the poor

The Prime Minister said India had shunned appeasement politics and now looked at opportunities to prove themselves and better themselves, contributing to nation building.

The more the poor of this country get the opportunity, the more the country will move forward. If the poor get the opportunity, they will work for the country. They are our country's strength," said the PM. He added that the middle class had a lot of burdens to carry in the country. "The middle class pays taxes, follows the law, they carry the burden of the economy but their burden should be reduced. The day the poor of the country is able to carry his or her own burden, the burden on the middle class will reduce automatically. The strength of the poor and the aspirations of the middle class will take India to new heights," the Prime Minister added.

Victory for development, says Prime Minister

While thanking Amit Shah and the party workers for the massive victory in Uttar Pradesh, Modi also said that he sees and appreciates the people's active participation in recent years in the process of nation building.

"It is important in a country like India for people to participate in Nation building and not limit themselves just to casting votes. The way people are coming out and voting in India these days, I believe it is a good sign that people are participating in the process of nation building. This is also a new India," the Prime Minister said.

"Food for thought for political pundits"

The win, Prime Minister Modi said, was indicative of how parties can also win on the agenda of development and not necessarily ride an emotive wave, a clear dig at the sympathy wave that Congress rode in general elections after Indira Gandhi's assassination.

"There are many reasons for winning an election but the massive voting that led to this massive win has become a food for thought for political pundits. I have been speaking to many political pundits and in this country, we have seen emotive issues create a wave and affect the results of an elections. No party has managed to attempt a win with development as an agenda but without an emotive issue at hand, we have received this mandate for development," Narendra Modi said.

He claimed that the win in Uttar Pradesh this year was an emotional issue for the BJP since it is the birth centenary year of Pundit Deen Dayal Upadhya.

Modi's 2022 mission

Reiterating his vision for a New India, the Prime Minister said that the party's target was 2022. The Prime minister while maintaining that elections do not matter to him, told party workers that their next target is 2022. "We have five more years for 2022. It marks 75 years since Independence, a landmark moment for India. I encourage the people of this country to personally dedicate themselves to the vision of a better India. We have pledged to work for the welfare of the country and the society and we will create a new India by 2022," he said.

He also said that the BJP is new to governance but won't does anything with ill-intentions. He concluded by thanking the people of all five states and promised to work for a better India.

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