I didn't give birth to a faint hearted child, says D K Ravi's mother

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Bengaluru, March 18: In the midst of all the controversy surrounding the death of IAS officer D K Ravi, the parents of the deceased officer wonder if justice will ever be meted out. His mother Gowramma is in a state of shock and all she wants is justice.

"I have not given birth to a coward and he was not the kind of person who would have taken any extreme step", Gowramma told OneIndia.


'I did not give birth to a faint hearted son'

Gowramma is unable to hold back tears says that he was a strong boy. He always spoke about cleaning up the system. He had started work on this and the people loved him for this precise reason.

Do you think he would have given up his dream of cleaning up the system half way and committed suicide. I know the son I have given birth to and he would have never committed suicide.

What prevents government from ordering a CBI probe?

Gowramma asks why the state government is adamant to hand over the case to the CBI? Are we asking for too much here? Don't we have the right to know why he died? As parents we know what the loss is like and all we want to know is the truth behind his death.

"Ravi will never come back. He has left us all for good but then the truth needs to be told and we know only the CBI can unearth the truth", the heartbroken mother also said.

Humble beginnings

A son that Gowramma looked up to with pride is not with her. He was their support and pride and he never let us down. He had become a role model that that hard work and commitment will pay off.

He had made us all so proud with the work he did. None needed to give him a certificate- the people gave him their certificate with the love they showered on him.

Everyone wants to know why and how he died. Everyone is aware that he was under threat. He used to speak with us about these threats but always convinced us that good work has a flip side to it.

We do not know what exactly happened but should the government not probe all of this. We feel the CBI should probe the case and bring out the truth. As parents we have the right to know.

Please help us get justice for our son, Gowramma says while signing out with unstobbale tears and with folded hands.

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