Hyderabad: A nasty trap of contract marriage exposed, 17-year-old rescued

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Hyderabad, July 4: Hyderabad Police rescued a 17-year-old girl from her residence. With the rescue operation, cops also exposed a nasty contract marriage trap in the city.

According to sources, a Omani national gave Rs 30,000 to the parents of the girl. The Omani national has been identified as Al Balushi Badar Yousuf.


The 37-year-old man took help from a mediator, Ayesha Begum. He came to India on tourist visa and has been staying in a hotel in Hyderabad since July 18.

The mediator reportedly identified the girl who belongs to a very poor family. Taking advantage of their poor financial condition, Ayesha Begum introduced Yousuf to the parents of the 17-year-old girl.

32-year-old Ayesha lured the family to sign deal with Yousuf for the contract marriage. In returns, she demanded Rs 20,000 from the family of the minor girl. However, she did not disclose the clause and conditions of the contract marriage to the poor family.

It has been reported that Yousuf signed the deal of the contract marriage only for 3 months. However, Ayesha told victim's parents that the groom would take the girl to Oman after three months.

Speaking about the parents of the girl, police said, "The parents immediately accepted her demand of Rs 20,000 as they were happy that their daughter's life would be better in Oman."

On Aug 2, police patrolling officials noticed a crowd in front of the house of the victim. They enquired and discovered that the 17-year-old girl was forced to get married to Yousuf against her will.

The cops rescued the girl and later discovered the trap of contract marriage laid by Ayesha and Yousuf. Police registered a case under Sections 354, 420 and the Prohibition of Child Marriage act and Criminal Amendment Act 2013.

Speaking about contract marriages in the country, police official was quoted as saying, "In most contract marriages women are the mediators. We are constantly monitoring the movement of Arab sheiks and Khazis who perform contract marriages."

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