Beware, buying breast milk online can become fatal

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Bengaluru, June 18: Are you thinking about ordering breast milk online? Be careful before making the final move. A study claimed that human breast milk, which now-a-days is available online, can be fatal for human beings.

Ordering for human breast milk online has suddenly become popular among certain fitness communities, fetishists and chronic disease sufferers. But the new study claimed that many scientists have advised against it.

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Despite several ads about its cleanliness, scientists raised questions about the hygiene issue of the 'clean super food' breast milk.

The scientists informed that there is less protein in breast milk than other milks like cow's milk. Findings of the study also suggested that human milk is potentially very hazardous if used to replace a healthy balanced diet.

The study also claimed that consumers can be exposed to bacterial food-borne illnesses like any other raw milk if the user fails to sanitise it properly or to sterilise equipment properly. Improper or prolonged storage and transportation of milk also can cause health hazards.

The lack of pasteurisation also can expose the consumers to a host of infectious diseases, including hepatitis, HIV and syphilis, added scientists.

The study is published by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

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