How Udhampur attack terrorist Mohammad Naved was recruited?

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Jammu, Aug 7: Mohammad Naved's father had not much of a choice. The terrorist arrested at Udhampur, Naved who is being questioned by various agencies tells a tale of how it was impossible to say no to a Lashkar-e-Tayiba recruiter.

Naved's father, Mohammad Yakoob had not much of a choice. He was told clearly that he had three sons and one had to go to the battle field and carry out the holy war against India. There are several such instances in Pakistan where parents are left with hardly any choice, but to send their sons to train in terrorist camps.

Ho Pak terrorist was recruited?

The choice is yours

Naved by his own account to the investigators points out that for at least two years, there were men from the Lashkar who would visit his home. At first they would pacify the father on why he should send his son to the battlefield. When he refused at first he was threatened and left with no choice.

However, the case of Naved is not that of a youth who was left with no choice. The sound of guns and the promise that he would become famous as he was about to do God's work lured him and he began enjoying it.

A typical 22 year old boy would often boast about how many he killed on a video game. The only difference is that Naved boasted about killing in the real world.

Pakistan wide recruitment drive

Pakistan's Lashkar which is completely backed by the ISI and the military conducts such camps to pick up youth and put them into terror camps. They assure the parents of money and if the bait is not bitten, then they begin to threaten.

To make matters worse, at times the recruiters are accompanied by a man in a uniform probably from the army to hand out the offer and later a threat. It is very difficult to say no to a man in uniform and none of the parents want to live under a constant threat.

What is surprising is that the Lashkar appears to have a data base on every house in every village. This is provided to them by the state machinery which is the original custodian of the data base.

It is through this data base that they pick and chose houses which have boys. During a recruitment drive, more often than not the Lashkar tends to pick a house which has more than one boy.

They have made it a norm that families must sacrifice at least one boy for the cause of Jihad.

The recruitment of Mohammad Naved

The recruitment of Mohammad Naved too happened on similar lines. His father was left with no choice. It was very clear in his voice when he spoke with the Hindustan Times yesterday. He had clearly said that the Lashkar or the fauj (army) would kill him.

Naved however, was not as reluctant as his father. He was jobless and the promises that were being made to him lured him. However, the father on the other hand was reluctant and it was only when he was unable to bear the threats both from the Lashkar and the army in Pakistan, he had no choice but to give in.

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