How this ISI spy sold out a top secret of the Indian army

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New Delhi, Mar 22: The ISI, Pakistan's spy agency was ready to better the money being paid by the army to the villagers along the border who were told to report incidents of infiltration.

The army had begun training the villagers along the border to report infiltrations and the ISI got wind of the same thanks to the espionage racket it has been running.

How this ISI spy sold India's top secret

Any information big or small was good enough for the ISI which runs a major espionage racket in India. Over the past year, the police of various states have carried out a series of arrests and some among them comprised BSF jawans and also retired personnel from the army.

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In most of these cases it was found that the driving force was the money and not the ideology. Take the case of Kafaitullah Khan, who was recently arrested on charges of spying for the ISI, tells his interrogators that any information relating to the Indian army was fine for the ISI. The money would be paid depending on the nature of the information.

We will better the pay:

Be it David Headley or Khan, both have narrated a similar functioning style of the ISI. The ISI has always been on the look out for personnel from the Indian army for information.

They normally tend to target the lower ranked officers and lure them with money.

The agents that the ISI appoints are specifically told to look out for former defence personnel.

However, the ISI tends to pay more to persons who are already serving in the army as the information provided by them is first hand. Khan told the police during his questioning that the information sought out the most was regarding the movement of the forces along the border.

Over the past year, the ISI realised that most of the infiltration bids were failing. When Khan was told to provide information as to why this was happening, he told them that it was because the army was training villagers along the border to identify the infiltrators.

The ISI immediately felt that they should try and replicate the same pattern. Khan was also told to find out how much the army would pay these villagers. He was also told that he needed to tap these villagers and pay them more money than the army offers as a reward.

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