How terrorists entered the Pathankot air force station

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The investigations into the Pathankot attack makes it clear that two terrorists had entered into the air force station on January 1, 2016 itself. The rest of the four terrorists entered the air base the next day.

NIA officials probing the case tell OneIndia that the original plan of the first group of terrorists was to take control over the air base as they were looking to destroy the assets.

Terrorists entered air base on Jan 1

The attack was originally planned for January 1, but then there was a last minute change in plan and the operation was pushed to the next day, the NIA officer also informed.

However the first group did not manage to gain control over the assets and they waited near the base and ended up providing cover fire while the remaining four terrorists tried gaining entry into the air force station.

How terrorists entered air force station:

The NIA officials found that while the first two terrorists gained entry into the base through a storm water drain, the rest of the four scaled the wall. A rope has been found at the site which indicates that the remaining four terrorists used it to scale the wall.

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There was no firing or any attempt to carry out the attack on January 1. When the two terrorists already in the base realised that their remaining partners were about to reach the base, they began opening fire on January 2 at 3.30 AM.

This provided the four terrorists the cover and they managed to scale the wall. As per the original plan, the terrorists were planning to move around the base in buddy pairs (pairs of two).

The terrorists first tried to gain control over the ammunition dump at the air base. However they were not successful. The idea was to first gain control over the assets and then blow themselves up with the help of the explosive belt that each one had strapped around them.

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