How security forces battled terrorists at Pathankot

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New Delhi, Jan 2: The terrorists who attacked the Pathankot air force station today were first detected at 3 AM when they tried to gain entry into the premises. The first terrorist was killed as he was gaining entry into the area. He was attempting to scale a wall which was around 10 to 15 metres when he was shot dead by the security personnel.

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As the terrorists attempted entering the air force station, it was immediately detected and the security was high around the area. Security had been stepped up considerably following an intelligence alert that was sounded yesterday.

Security Force

While one of the terrorists was immediately detected and shot down, the remaining three may have entered into the station through other entry points and this is being investigated an officer informed.

All the terrorists were heavily armed and had come in for a long haul the officer said. While the security forces have gunned down four terrorists, they are making sure that there is none remaining in the air base. There were initial reports suggesting that there may have been 6 terrorists.

While one of the terrorists was attempting to enter the base by scaling a wall, the rest may have used the gate entry, sources point out.

The rest of the terrorists who entered through the gate were immediately engaged by the security forces. They were clearly attempting to enter into the technical area. Security forces were however quick to stop their entry into the technical area which houses the administrative office and also the officer's mess.

They were contained at the entry point itself by the alert security personnel. However the terrorists did not look like giving up and they were heavily armed.

Two personnel of the air force died while fighting the terrorists. After the sanitisation of the area is completed, investigations would commence. One of the main focuses of the probe would be to find out how the terrorists had managed to get this far and also the points through which they were attempting to gain entry into the area.

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