How politicians made the country laugh in 2013 (Pics)

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How politicians made the country laugh
Bangalore, Dec 30: There was no dearth of foot-in-the-mouth moments in Indian politics in 2013. From Rahul Gandhi to Narendra Modi, a number of politicians made comments which made the country laugh. Here are some of them:

What is poverty? Rahul explains

"Poverty is just a state of mind. It does not mean the scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence, then one can overcome poverty," said Rahul Gandhi at a meeting in Delhi in August. (Read more)

When Khurshid made Sonia "The mother of India"

"Sonia is is not just Rahul Gandhi's mother. She is also our mother, she is mother of entire India", said Salman Khurshid, external affairs minister. Read more

Why was Yasin Bhatkal arrested? Kamal Farooqi explains

"If he is a terrorist then he should not be spared but if he has been arrested just because he is a Muslim, then caution should be exercised as we don't want to send a wrong message to an entire community that we are trying to malign the community's image without a thorough investigation", said Kamal Farooqi, Samajwadi Party leader on the arrest of Yasin Bhatkal, co-founder of Indian Mujahideen.  Read more.

How to fill a dam? Ajit Pawar has an idea.

"He has been fasting for the last 55 days. If there is no water in the dam, how can we release it? Should we urinate into it? If there is no water to drink, even urination is not possible," Ajit Pawar said, when asked about a farmer from drought-hit Solapur who had been fasting at Mumbai's Azadi Maidan water. Read more

Mulayam Singh finds conspiracy in riot relief camps

"Congressmen visit the camps at night and mislead the people. They are conspirators. Nobody living in the relief camp is a riot victim. They just want it to remain an issue till the elections," said Mulayam Singh Yadav on people living in Muzaffarnagar riot relief camps.  Read more

Rs 12 for full meals in Mumbai !

Congress spokesperson Raj Babbar found himself caught in controversy when he said it was possible to have "full meal at Rs 12 in Mumbai. He was talking to media about the price rise in the country.

When Rasheed Masood found out that Rs 5 is enough to have meal in Delhi

Congress leader Rasheed Masood said that one can eat a meal in Delhi in Rs. 5 near Jama Masjid in Delhi.  Read more. 

How to avenge Devyani's arrest? Arrest gay US diplomats in India !

BJP leader Yaswant Sinha suggested that the gay sex partners of US diplomats in India be arrested in response to Devyani Khobragade's arrest in New York. ‘Media has reported that we have issued visas to a number of US diplomats' companions. Companions" means that they are of the same sex. Now, after the Supreme Court ruling, it is completely illegal in our country, just as paying less wages was illegal in the US. So, why does not the government of India go ahead and arrest them and punish them?' asked the former minister.

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Who defeated Alexander? Biharis, says Modi

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi said in a speech in Bihar that Alexander's army conquered the world but was defeated by the Biharis. In reality, Alexander never crossed Ganga or nor was he defeated by Biharis

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