How Naved and 3 others infiltrated the border with ease

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Udhampur, Aug 7: As investigations progress into the Udhampur attack case, security agencies are ascertaining if some terrorists may have slipped away.

In addition to this there is a massive manhunt that has been launched to find the truck driver who is alleged to have dropped Naved and his accomplice, Noman at Udhampur where the ghastly attacked was launched.


The NIA which has commenced its probe into this case will ascertain all the details and would also try and find out if Naved was part of a four member group which had infiltrated into India together.

There is a hunt on for the truck driver and also two other terrorists.

However investigators say that they are ascertaining whether the terrorists who were killed in Pulwama yesterday were part of the same group Naved has been speaking about.

Easy access into India:

Going by the account given by Naved, it appeared as though he and the three others had easy access into Kashmir through the border.

It is being ascertained whether Naved and his group had entered through Naugam and Gulmarg by themselves or with the help of local support.

After their entry into India they headed to Tangmarg.

There is a lot of contradiction however in his statements about the date of entry into the Indian side of the border. He has given three different versions.

Once he says it has been two months since he came to India and the next time he says it 12 days and 7 days.

However what investigators have been able to ascertain so far is that they made their march towards Udhampur in the last week of July.

I am in India for the past two months:

The latest version given by Naved is that he was in India since the past two months.

Although investigators feel that terrorists normally do not come in this early, they are also exploring the possibility whether they entered into India at a time when the patrol was lesser.

Sometimes terrorists enter just before an attack and in other times they take advantage of less patrol on the borders and infiltrate at the first given opportunity.

It is however clear that they were not given enough money and were left to fend for themselves. The handler Abu Kasim (considered to be a fake name) came into the picture only a few days before the attack.

Naved had told his interrogators that he and his accomplices had sought the help of locals who gave them both money and food.

First enter and then plan:

Going by the account given by Naved to the police, it becomes clear that they had no specific plan when they entered into India.

They were told to enter and stick around before the orders would reach them.

Naved says that we were not instructed anything when we entered the border. All we were told was wait for orders.

It was only towards last week that they were given a fair idea of what they were meant to do. While two headed towards Pulwama and Naved and Noman moved towards Udhampur.

He speaks about a local handler who instructed them what was to be done. We were told to wait on the highway and carry out a strike.

The handler wanted us to hit at an army convoy as it would have sent a strong message.

In Pakistan the Indian army is considered to be the biggest enemy and there is a great deal of satisfaction when an army convoy is hit, Naved also said.

Training with a team of 12:

Naved says that there were 12 members in the training camp in Pakistan.

The training reportedly took place in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, Naved also reveals. All the members who were training with me are in the same age group.

I however do not know where the rest of them were sent, he also revealed while adding that he infiltrated into India in a batch of four members.

Investigators suspect that three members who trained along with Naved could be the ones who orchestrated the Gurdaspur attack.

Investigations into the Gurdaspur attack is on and once complete more details would emerge, an officer also informed.

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