How ISIS is using wives of its recruits to raise funds

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New Delhi, Dec 24: The role of a woman in a terrorist organisation has often been spoken about. In India we got to witness an incident in which two girls from Hyderabad were trying to leave the country in a bid to join the ISIS.

The role of women in the ISIS has been debated and it has been found that most of them become either sex slaves or are there to extend families.


However, here is another instance of the kind of role that women play while helping out the ISIS.

The ISIS has instructed its male recruits to get on board their wives in helping the cause of the ISIS. The women are instructed by the male recruits to go on a fund collecting spree in a bid to finance the terror group.

Sending out darkhwasts:

It is a well known fact that the ISIS, which controls oil wells and loots antiques, is an extremely rich organisation.

However, the rule of the game is that while these funds generated are used for their war in Iraq and Syria, in other countries where they are attempting setting up shop, they expect recruits to raise money by themselves and run the outfit.

The ISIS feels that the cost of war is too high in Iraq and Syria and hence funds cannot be diverted to other countries. They rely on self radicalised persons to do everything from recruiting to fund raising.

In this context while the men keep themselves busy with recruiting and plotting strikes, the women are sent out to raise money.

In Pakistan the Express Tribune had reported that women send out darkhwasts or requests to rich women seeking donations.

They have sought donations in the name of a school known as the Faith Academy. The money raised is then given to their husbands who use it for terror related activities.

Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials say that they have not yet come across such an instance in India.

However, they are on the look out as we have seen in the past groups such as the Shaheen Force cropping up.

The Shaheen Force was a women's wing of the SIMI which would radicalise and also help collect funds for the men.

The ISIS will try to replicate this in India as well and this would call for enhanced surveillance, the officer also added.

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