How ISI trailed Narendra Modi in Jammu and Kashmir

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New Delhi, Dec 2: The probe into the ISI's spy ring in India has once again revealed the interest that the spy agency from Pakistan has on Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Information relating to Modi is a major draw for the ISI and all its agents are asked to provide as much information about the Indian PM.

During the raids that were conducted following the arrests of several ISI spies, the police found a map of the Badami Bagh Cantonment. This was a map that the spies had provided to their handler from Pakistan three days before Modi visited the Badami Bagh Cantonment in Jammu and Kashmir.

How ISI trailed Modi in J&K

Modi had visited the Badami Bagh cantonment on December 9th and the map of the same had been provided to the Pakistan based handler Faizal on December 6th, investigations have shown. The police however say that the motive behind passing on the map of the area is not clear.

Prior to Modi's visit to Jammu and Kashmir there were several intelligence alerts suggesting that terrorists will try and disrupt law and order. There may have been an attempt to carry out an explosion near the Badami Bagh cantonment and hence the details were shared to the Pakistan handler, investigators suspect.

In addition to this the spies were also collecting information on troop movement ahead of the PM's visit. Some sensitive documents relating to the movement of the BSF in particular could have been leaked by these spies.

The Delhi police who would visit Jammu and Kashmir to further the probe will try and find out more details about the operations.

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