How the agencies got their man @shammiwitness

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It was no rocket science after all for the agencies to get Mehdi Masroor Biswas the man alleged to have run the @shammiwitness account for the ISIS. As reported in Oneindia early this morning, the agencies had got their man late into the night and even questioned him along with a team of the Bangalore Police. [Man running ISIS account picked up by Bengaluru Police]

Moments after the news of the handle broke, the agencies were on their toes and collected all the information. They found his location to an areas in North Bangalore where he resided at an apartment. He has been working in Bangalore since 2012 with a major company which has a chain of hotels as an executive. His services were confirmed in the company in 2012. His mother had visited him three days prior to this news breaking out. [Bengaluru Police slept on complaint against 'Dawla ISIS' wifi connection]

shammiwitness man

The agencies questioned his father who is a homeopath in Kolkata. They also managed to track down his voter card details which state that he is 25 years of age and hails originally from Gopalpur 24 North Paraganas. [India underestimated ISIS's potential to use it as a base]

Although his social accounts went offline, there was one crucial link to suggest that he was Mehdi Masroor. He had mentioned to a friend about this account @shammiwitness and this was done through his Facebook profile which had his name and photograph.

He showed signs of surrender:

When the news began to break out, he had indicated that he wanted to surrender. He first told Channel 4 about this but also managed to convey a very strong message that he wanted to surrender and not be killed. Very indirectly he informed the agencies that he had no weapons on him and literally pleaded that he did not want to die in an encounter.

He made his case stronger by saying that he only tweeted about the ISIS, but had no connection. However to the agencies he strongly denied running the twitter handle and claimed that it was hacked.


While at first he said that he was not attached to the ISIS in anyway, later he told the police that his account was hacked. He was questioned about his links with the ISIS and why he was running this handle. He however continuously denied running the twitter handle and even went up to the extent of saying that the @ElSaltador twitter handle was his and he had used to create his facebook account.

The agencies however do not buy this version that his account may have been hacked. His facebook account under the name Mehdi Masroor Biswas was not a fake one and once pictures began cropping up online, he decided to take down the account. @ElSaltador This is the primary account of Biswas. He claims that this account belonged to him and he had in fact used it. This is the same handle that appears on the blog and when one clicked on it, it was diverted to the @shamiwitness account. He also claims that the mail id was used to set up his account as well.

However, someone may have hacked into it and posted messages on my behalf under the handle @shamiwitness.

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