Karnataka: How a village fights open defecation with a 'Good Morning'?

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Bengaluru, Nov 21: They might not have toilets, but they have conscience. This village in Karnataka, named Bekkinakeri, has the country's most civilized people who protest against the vice of open defecation in a peaceful manner.

While the country is still fighting this problem, this village has now managed to have a toilet in each of its household. The villagers found the solution in the problem itself.


The village leaders had formed a 'Good Morning' group when all the village elders went to relieve themselves together in the farm. To indicate that they were going to attend to nature's calls, they walked up to everyone saying "Good Morning".

According to a report by NDTV, at one point, this routine became very embarassing, which forced them to think about toilets. Gram panchayat president of Bekkinaker, Rekha Kharodkar said,"Earlier there were no toilets so we formed a 'good morning' team. Every morning they (members of the team) would stand and wish 'good morning' (to those headed to the fields to relieve themselves).They would tell us, 'we don't have money to build toilets', so we told them our panchayat is getting money for this purpose - take it and build toilets. Don't go to the toilet outside."

The enlightened villagers formed another 'Good Morning' team and stood at 5:30 am to motivate people not to defecate in the open. They also highlighted why it was bad for health and that the gram panchayats had funds to help them build toilets inside homes.

Now with toilets at home, the women of every household is happy that she does not have to relieve herself in the fields at odd hours to avoid losing her modesty.

"After being motivated, people stopped defecating outside and in each house, there is a toilet. Our mission was successful," said a member of the mission.

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