Hope present government ensures justice to the slain Indian soldiers: Kargil war martyr's father

Written by: Richa Bajpai
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Kargil, July 26: Martyr Captain Vijayant Thapar is one of the unsung heroes of the 1999 Kargil war.

His father Colonel (retd) V N Thapar, who has served in the Indian Army for 37 years, talked exclusively to Oneindia reporter Richa Bajpai who is covering the Kargil 15th anniversary form the Ground Zero.

Captain Vijayant Thapar's 'Last Letter'

On his son's sacrifice

Colonel said that every year on 26th July, he visits Kargil and goes at the point where his son Captain Vijayant Thapar laid down his life while protecting the nation.

He told that he named his son "Vijayant" as it was the name of one of the Indian tankers that the Indian army had recaptured during the 1971 war.

"I feel sad that my son was only 22 years old when he sacrificed his life, but at the same time I also feel proud that he laid his life while serving his motherland. I feel proud to say that I am the father of the Kargil war martyr", he said.

On Army's infrastructure

On being asked about the change in the army infrastructure since 15 years, Thapar said with disappointment, " It is same as it was 15 years ago. The Indian army needs an immediate overhaul. We need new technologies for artilleries and infantries. Today also, we are using 30 year old guns and 30 year old Bofors guns. It will take time to fill the vaccum created by advanced technologies."

On Pakistan

"Pakistan will never change as there are 'multiple power centers' there. It will continue to violtae ceasefire violations and send intruders into the Indian territory as always. But we (the Indian army), will have to be ready so that such incidents never repeat", he said.

On present government

At the end of the conversation, Colonel Thapar expressed his hope that the present government will ensure justice for the slain Captian Saurabh Kalia and many other jawans like him, and will raise issues like war crimes.

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