HIzb-ut-Tahrir headhunters looking for students in Delhi universities

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New Delhi, April 20: Chatter between operatives in India and Bangladesh have led the Intelligence Bureau to sound an alert regarding the Hizb ut Tahrir a pan Islamic political organisation that is spread across most parts of the world.

In the recent months this outfit has been making huge strides in Bangladesh and is looking to replicate the ISIS style of functioning.

HIzb-ut-Tahrir looking for student in DU

The Intelligence Bureau which has managed to piece together a conversation of operatives in India and Bangladesh states that this outfit is planning on hitting army installations apart from strategic locations in major cities such as New Delhi and also Kolkata.

A dossier prepared on this outfit in the possession of OneIndia shows that HuT is not only growing stronger, but is also nurturing a major plan for India.

Actionable intel:

IB officials say that the intelligence is actionable and this group has been planning on striking at major Indian cities and also target army installations since January. The IB had sent out this alert to the police chiefs of 23 different cities and advised them to be on high alert.

They are most likely to target army installations in a bid to show that they have declared a war on the country. This group is trying to set foot in the border areas of the country where the army posting is higher, the IB official also states.

The intelligence that has been picked up is actionable in nature and major cities and bordering states that the information has been shared with need to be on high alert, the officer also stated.

The HuT:
The Hizb ut-Tahrir a pan Islamic political organization spread across the world. They list their goals as unifying all Muslim countries as an Islamic State of the caliphate. With a goal to implement the Sharia law, this outfit was founded in 1953 by a group of Sunni Muslims in Jerusalem.

It is said to be most active in the United Kingdom and some Arab nations as well. It has strong presence in Bangladesh and a good clout among the students in India.

The outfit states that it intends to provide security to both Muslims and non-Muslims in the Muslim dominated countries through the establishment of an Islamic state and implementation of the Sharia law. The coup in Bangladesh When this outfit launched in Bangladesh, it had with it 16 officers of the army in that country.

These members were actively aiding the group in a bid to overthrow Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The nature of the coup staged by them was very similar to the one undertaken by the Jamaat-e-Islami.

India's worry:
The worry for India is that there are a good number of students who subscribe to their school of thought. The group has organized seminars in Delhi among students and the main topics have always focused round Israel.

Political styled operation Till date there has been no instance of any violence undertaken by this group. The functioning is largely political and they appear to be going around stirring passions among the youth.

This group was quite prominent when it came out with a group of 1000 members and protested against the Batla House encounter in 2010. While that meeting was considered to be a success, the group gradually dwindled over the years.

What the Intelligence Bureau says is that there is a need to watch their activities since they appear to be pushing a hardcore political agenda which lures people into beleiveing that an Islamic State would be established.

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