Will liberal media raise its voice? Hindus have no right to celebrate Durga puja since 3 years

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New Delhi, Oct 28: Everyone knows that Durga Puja is one of the biggest festival of Bengalis. But there is a village in Mamata Banerjee ruled West Bengal where Hindus are not allowed to observe puja.

Shockingly, the villagers have been requesting authorities since three years to allow them to revere deities, but they have been repeatedly denied the permission.

Hindus not allowed observe puja

Above all, the authorities gave no formal reason why they are not allowing the same. Police of the area said that observing Durga puja will disturb communal harmony in the area.

What is the whole issue?

The matter is of Nalhati village which is in Birbhum district of West Bengal. Reportedly, since the day Mamata Government tooks reins in 2012, around 300 Hindu families were banned to observe puja in the village. As per news reports, illegal Bangladeshi immigrant Muslims calls the shots in the region.

Muslims who are the potential vote banks of Mamata Government say that they get offended by the Durga Puja observations.

Reportedly, whenever Hindus families made request to authorities over the matter, these Muslims submitted counter petition, urging govt not to give them permission.

A Newsx report claims that it has proof how villagers made an application in 2012, explaining their plight to authorities. But their petition was fallen to deaf ear. Villagers had requested that women have to travel 4-5 km to break fasts in another temple so please allow them to revere deities in the village itself. But authorities gave two line reply saying that they can't give permission.

Why left liberals didn't speak?
Ironically, left liberals and media house didn't raise the issue. When they can speak on top of their voice for dadri incident and beef controversy, why they didn't dare to speak against Mamata Government for such bigotry.

At a time when authors and writers have been targeting Modi Government for increasing incidents of religious intolerance in the country, why they didn't speak for the same.

Ofcourse, Dadri incident was shameful and whomsoever was responsible for the incident must be punished, but a prudent soul always speaks against injustice in the society. They don't differentiate between prejudices against Hindus and Muslims.

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