Togadia's 'Hindu Population badhao abhiyan': Advises manhood worshipping, products to increase poten

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Jambusar, Gujarat, June 11: Pravin Togadia is back with bang with yet another controversial statement. One can site numerous such statements, each one more unique than the other, but they never fall in place, given the fact that the trained doctor has lesser understanding of India than a common man.

Even the men in the patriarchal society of India are not spares in his empire. This time, he said that impotency is growing among Indian men these days and that they should go home and worship their manhood.

Pravin Togadia

The remark was made on Friday at a gathering at Jambusar in Bharuch district in Gujarat.

He further added that Hindu couples must have more children in order to tackle the growing umber of Muslims in the country. He also listed "love jihad" and conversion to christianity as a leading reason behind dwindling Hindu numbers. Consumption of Tobacco leading to impotency- another reason cited by him seems to be more logical in his tall claims.

The VHP leader, further showed a product made by him. "This is a product that I have created. It is available for Rs 600, but I'm giving out to you for Rs 500 here. Take this to your wife, ask her to mix it with your meals so that you remain potent and continue to produce children."

He also justified that if the number of Hindus increased, the cows will also be protected. "If we (Hindus) increase our number, will anyone in Jambusar have the audacity to slaughter a cow?" he asked.

It is to be noted that Jambusar town has a 30% Muslim population.

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